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Buzz Sports - The #1 Monitored Football Service In The Country During 2005 - 2006

 National Sports Monitor NFL Handicapping Champion both by Units and Win %
 National Sports Monitor Combined College and NFL combined Handicapping Champion
 Ultimate Handicapping NFL Contest Champion
 NFL Online Professional Handicapping Championship Winner

Monitored Results, Top Contest Results and Service Highlights

Buzz Sports Picks Service is a Professional Sports Handicapping Service that caters to both large and small players.  Our specialty is our sought after 6 Star Play Of The Day Top Handicap along with our solid Premium 4 Star Super Selections and 5 Star Power Plays.  These powerful plays along with our proven money management systems is a must for your handicapping arsenal.   If you are looking for one play a day, our 6 Star Play Of The Day is for you.  Buzz Sports is fully documented with complete on site documentation based on the Buzz Sports Rating System. We are fully committed to helping our clients find success and we are willing to demonstrate that success with complete documentation.  Not just our premium plays, all our plays. Get on board now and start winning the Buzz Sports Way! Learn more

About Buzz Sports Picks Service - Your Play Of The Day Specialist 

Buzz Sports Picks Service is quickly becoming one of the Nation's leading  handicappers.  With over 20 years handicapping experience, Buzz aims to deliver a solid Play Of The Day as well as other Top premium selections that cover all major college and professional sports. Buzz uses a proven money management system, coupled with a very analytical  handicapping approach that utilizes technical aspects such as trends, stats and angles along with 20+ years of experience reading lines and line movements to create a winning edge for our clients.  This approach has landed Buzz Sports numerous Top 15 and Top 10 monitored finishes, championships and top contest finishes.    Buzz Sports is  documented daily on site for client and visitor reveiw.  Our goal is to be between 53% and 65% winning picks over the course of days, weeks, months and years.  Not just selected games, every game!  We offer daily, weekly, monthly and annual packages.  Buzz understands that he may only get one shot to delight a new client and  will do everything possible to serve up winning selections.  Get onboard now and start winning the Buzz Sports Way!!

Sports Handicapping Services - Why  Buzz Sports Picks Service is different

When searching for a sports handicapping service it is very important to distinguish between true  Handicappers and Touts/Marketers.  One thing we are not is a great marketing company.  Our core competency is in handicapping the games.  This is where we spend our time.  When selecting a sports service you should keep the following in mind.

Records:  Touts:  Publishes selective records, promotes current successes and hides defeats.  Buzz Sports Picks Service has a full disclosure policy.  Selections are released for public viewing 10 minutes after the start of each game.  Records for previous months and/or seasons are available for review.  Every play we release is monitored unlike many Touts who will only monitor a small sampling.  Touts will claim long term winning percentages over 60.00%.  True professionals will fall between 53% and 60% over the long haul.  Don't be fooled here.   Monitored records here

Goals:  Touts:  Create a need for today's games via a marketing campaign and everyday special play games.  At Buzz Sports Picks Service we take a Long-term consistent approach.  No one day or game is more important than the next.  Be sure to review our rating system and money management philosophy as this designation is not an indicator to load up on this single game.  Please review it below

Fees: Touts charge high to very high fees.  Anywhere from $350.00 to $2500 per month.  At Buzz Sports Picks Service our Fees are very moderate so that most customers can maintain a proper risk balance.  We offer discounted packages for specific sports or  Gold Club Membership for customers who would like every play we release each day for all sports.

Money Management:  Does the service you are looking at have a solid money management system?  Do they constantly load up each day on a special play game?  You need to understand that a disciplined approach is needed to achieve any long term success.  Remember, poor money management is the number one reason sports gamblers fail.  Rating system and money management system is below.

A few things to avoid when looking for a service:

  • Don't pay for a service that cannot document every play each day.

  • Don't pay for a service that claims outrageous winning percentages unless they can prove it with an independent monitor

  • Don't pay for a service that uses outrageous marketing ploys or money back guarantees

Buzz Sports Picks Philosophy and Rating System

Here at Buzz Sports Picks Service it is our philosophy that no one game is more important as the next. We want to keep clients in the game for the long haul with disciplined money management coupled with the selection of the strongest games on the board each day.    Our one star to six star rating system is in place to give you a feel for each games relative strength as we see it. All of our service selections are rated from four stars to six stars, which equals a wager of two to three units maximum. To stay in action for any length of time and show a profit,  you need to have a disciplined money management system. The biggest mistake you can make is to stray away from this system,  load up on one game or increase your wagers when you are losing.  This type of behavior will only lead to trouble.  Do not increase your wagers in an attempt to recover losses.  Remember, there are lucky wins and bad beats but over the long haul we aim to generate a profit for clients.  With our experience we will help you stay out of the daily traps and on the strongest games giving you the best chance for long term success.    Stay disciplined and stick to the system and over time your investment will grow.  Unlike other cappers we document every play we release to clients, not just enough plays to look good.

A "unit" is a set amount that you will wager on each game and should be about 3% of your total bankroll. For example, if you start out with a bankroll of $700, your "unit" would be $21-35. This is an excellent system for those starting small and looking to build up a larger bankroll. After doubling your $700 bankroll to $1400, take 50% of the profit ($700 profit x .50= $350) and bank it. That's $350 profit. Take the other $350 and add it to your bankroll. Your bankroll is now $1050 and you may choose to increase your "unit" by 50%. For example, if your unit was $35, increase it to $52.50. If you run into a losing streak and your bankroll drops back down to $700, cut back your per unit to $21-35

  • 6* Play Of The Week By Sport.  Rated to Win 4 Units.  This is a Premium Play
  • 6* Star Play Of The Day.    This will be our designated top play for a given  day.  It is possible to have no  6 Stars in a day.. Play On the given team to Win 3 units.  This is a Premium Play
  • 5* Power Play Top Totals And Sides.  This will be our designated top Total play for any given  day that one is released as well as highly rated side selections that may have just missed Play Of The Day Status.  It is possible to have more than one 5* in a given day.  Play will be rated to Win 2-2.5 Units.  This is a Premium Play
  • 4* Super Selections.  Better than rated but not Power Plays. .  These plays are to Win 2 Units.  This is a Premium Play


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